Beetle Riders
ビートルライダー / Raidāzu
Beetle Riders
General Information
Affiliation Scarabaei
Occupation Hunters
Status Alive
Gender ♂ Male
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1


The Beetle Riders first appear after throwing spears into the Sand Angler. Upon their arrival in front of Delos and Prome, Delos asks them are they the desert people, the bug wragling clan and claims both he and Prome have been looking for them. The Beetle Riders then tie up Delos and Prome, and place them both on the Sand Angler. Both of Delos arms are tyied to the Sand Angler's fins, which are tiyed to the The Beetle Riders' Beetles horns. The Beetle Riders begin to move across the desert taking the Sand Angler with them, along with Delos and Prome on top of it, until they reach their nest within the mountains.

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